Blood Bikes

What They Do

Providing free courier service to the NHS, delivering blood samples, plasma, donated human milk, documents, and other urgent/critical items to the hospital, health care establishments regionally and around the UK, it is a 100% volunteer ran charities

Groups serve their local hospitals, communities and run a nationwide network for longer distance relays all over the UK

The last months have seen record-breaking jobs numbers all at no cost to the NHS

Blood Bikes & io

The UK has 39 blood bike groups io have nominated one group in Scotland, Wales, and in England a group in the NE, NW, SE, SW, Midlands & London to support their vital work

All donations from the company will be split equally between each region/group, the donations received will be forward to the local group including any fundraising io payments have in a defined region

Become an io customer and you can donate to your local group at no cost to yourself, please ask us for details

It Could Be You

Regardless of your age, ethnicity, location, or religion. Rich or poor, in happy or sad times

Without the blood bikes you may not get the blood you require quickly for your operation or emergency. The human milk needed for your newborn baby, helping you to see them smile. It could be the documentation that’s required from one place to another that assists in getting you onto the best course of treatment quickly or even better give you the all-clear so you can get on with your life

io Helping Those Who Help Us All