New To Cards

Making It Easy For Your Business To Take Card Payments

Why Take Card Payments

10 years ago, more than 60% of payments were made using cash, but debit cards overtook cash in 2017

Cash use has rapidly declined during the pandemic as customers and businesses opt for card payment methods to avoid handling it. Cash payments continued to decline last year, falling by 15% the trend started well before Covid-19 hit

Businesses have had to change with the times

Setting up a new business, adding the latest technology, following trends, new product, social media will increase impulse spending. so make it easy for customers to pay you

Giving You A Fast And Secure Experience, For Your Customers 

io Pay is experienced with in-store, in person, online, e-commerce. epos and mobile app payment solutions for your business, you will benefit from the latest and a wide range of solutions and technology

io Pay will deliver a fast and secure payment solution that will grow your business including an analytics portal to help with your accounting and administrative procedures

Apply today and have card payments operating in your business within days

Benefits Of Card Payments

• Encourage your customers to
spend more “Pay by card”

• It’s all about speed “Transactions
processed in seconds”

• It makes it easy “No cash handling
and banking charges”

• Boost sales “Take card payments”

• The most convenient way to pay

• Getting set up is quick and easy”