Mobile Card Reader

Great In Small Start-Ups

Take Payments Via a Phone or Tablet

• Take payments via a
phone or tablet

• Uses Bluetooth, they will
work at distances of up
to 10 meters from the
device enter a
transaction amount into
the app then tap charge

• Hand the card reader to
the buyer, who can
choose whether to pay
contactless or inserting
their card

• Message, text, or email a

Mobile Card Machines For Low Turnover Businesses

The mobile card reader is not much bigger than a debit card itself – idea at market stalls, pop-up shops, and so on

They’re just right for you if you have a relatively low turnover or work seasonally

They have a small screen, compact PIN pad, and a slot when you can put the card in. They look like the security card readers you get from your bank

Compact, lightweight and sleek in design, linked to App on your laptop, tablet or mobile

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data is available with our payment terminals or online solutions

A Cloud-based portal for you to view your transactions with data displayed real-time and reporting

Available 24/7

Access to Data and Activity, view and monitor your card payments online, on laptop, tablet or smartphone