About Us

io Pay

What We Do

Specialising in merchant services at all levels, partnering businesses with the most appropriate card processing solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the card payments industry. We partner with Fintech/ acquiring companies changing the payments industry. designing solutions that encompass the payments value chain and provide a single, service-oriented provider for all payments needs

With straight forward, low-cost pricing and solutions for all business types including specialist and high-risk


We Work Directly

With the risk and appraisal departments of acquirers and card processors

We understand their policies, schemes, and appetites for risk and security

Therefore, once we have established your card payment requirements

We will identify the most appropriate solution partner to provide you with the merchant account and payment solution that meets your business needs


Additional Business Services

io now offers an outstanding package of additional business products covering all aspects of business services and solutions

When io partner with any providers, our policy is the price is of prime importance. Just as important is the quality of service, reliability, customer service, and support. All together this creates customer loyalty and business growth

All our services and products come with outstanding support., latest technology and are from leading providers in their market place