What You See Is What You Get From io-Pay

Best For Every Type Of Business

What You Want From Your Merchant Service Provider

• Simple transparent prices

• Free next-day Payments

• Latest Technology Solutions with 24 hr support

• Seamless integration, transacting and reporting

• A dedicated account manager who understands your

• Simplicity, speed, and, above all, security

The Charges You Are Now Paying

There are basic services charges you can expect
• The cost of the terminal
• Cost of card transactions

• Additional charges

Additional/Hidden Charges Explained –

Authorisation, (PCI) compliance, administration charges, MMSC
Dashboard, Invoices, and other fees, etc

io Pay will charge you card and terminal charges and can reduce or remove all additional charges depending on the best option for your business

Why Choose io Pay

• Simple transparent prices, with free next day payments, or the best option or your business

• Latest Technology Solutions with
24-hour support, seamless
integration, transacting and

• Dedicated account manager who
understands your business

• Providing solutions that are simple,
speed, and, above all, security

• Additional business services with
a company you believe in