Android POS Terminals

Features Of An Android Tablet With A Powerful POS Payment Terminal

POS Terminals

Powered by the Android operating system with a smart and elegant design.

At the same time, packing a lot of features. Either it be a loyalty program to a full EPOS system.

This creating a lot of choices in terms of how you can use this device to grow your business.

Features Include

Powered by Android
Cortex A53 processor
5.5″ capacitive touch screen 
4G + WiFi + GPS
5250mAh capacity battery
Front & rear cameras
NFC contactless
PIN on glass 
Apps via Pax Store
Caters for visually impaired
ATEX certified 

App Store

An open marketplace of high-quality POS apps and Android based POS

You can easily manage your terminals, apps and Business

You will be surprised to find that some features that will from EPOS, POS and Loyalty reducing your human resources and hardware cost

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data is available with our payment terminals or online solutions

A Cloud-based portal for you to view your transactions with data displayed in real-time and reporting

Available 24/7

View and monitor your card payments online in real-time

On a laptop, tablet, or smartphone where ever your location