io Pay

For All Your Card Payment Solutions

Reducing businesses costs, improving services with enhanced customer service and support

Transparent Pricing with io Pay
Reducing or removing additional charges.

Straight forward, low rates per transaction with no hidden fees, what you see is what you get

We can reduce or remove all the charges below:-

Authorisation per transaction charge
PCI compliance/None compliance
Administration fees, Analytics & MMSC

While giving you the most competitive rates and most advanced payment solutions

POS face to face terminals, online, high-risk business solutions, and free next/same-day payments

Next-Generation Technology

Terminals – Full features of an Android tablet within a powerful POS payment terminal, with hundreds of value-added applications, helping you refine strategy through better business intelligence & smarter services

EPOS – Android bespoke systems
Real-time payments to your bank account

Loyalty Discount Programmes reducing your monthly bills
Payment widgets – server to server- shopping carts – In-app purchase – virtual terminals – pay by link -payment buttons

What Our Customer Say

“Why have we been paying those charges for so long”

“I can see easily what each transaction costs the business”

“The android terminal total change my business”

“They understand my business and keep saving us £”

“With io, We believe they care about our business”

“I would be happy to recommend them to other businesses”

“Simplicity, speed, and above all, security”